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Don't shut the door.


Will you talk to him?

Please park in the back.

This box will do for something.

Nobody expected anything from me.

We can leave.


He has bad eyes.

Douglas motioned for Giles to keep quiet.

Have you ever tried skating on the river?


Is this wine from Argentina?

A few trees fell down in our neighborhood during the storm last week.

Keep the change!

She asked me if I would be free next Sunday.

Don't sing along.


I like spring.


The ground was very uneven.


Alastair walked into the kitchen holding a small box.

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You've got a busy week coming up.

There are lots and lots of people who speak Spanish, but not as many who speak Esperanto.

Stick out your tongue and say "aah."

Are you going to sell Bertrand your bicycle?

She always leaves her dirty dishes in the sink.

Parrots imitate human speech.

Robin and Jakob are from the same part of the country.

The cloud was pitch black.

When shall we meet again?

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What made you contact them?


My teeth are chattering because of the cold.

The TV was on all night.

Jackye provided what we needed.

That's my best guess.

They'll get married.

She has more money than brains.

We furnished the refugees with blankets.


Brian went to school with Kate.

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He betrays his king and country.


I blame Coleen for that.

You're in Europe!

What's the most important lesson life has taught you?

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Eugene wasn't sure how to react.

Ta-dah! Well then, Haruta, it's OK to look now! It's everybody's yukata debut.

I love streusel cake.

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Pua sang.

I want to be able to communicate in French.

He was experienced in business.


The problem is we don't know where Straka is.

I just told them the truth.

We'll be back after the break.

Why is she hiding?

Dick has an old bicycle that Mikael gave him.

You need not take the trouble to go there.

The police found shoe impressions at the crime scene.


Hillary wasn't the one who put out the fire.

Stanislaw extinguished the fire.

I scoff at it.


Just tell me who you are.

I don't think it's fair to punish me for a mistake I made years ago.

That actress is as beautiful as ever.


Do you think they'll find us here?

Due to its age, the cow will no longer give milk.

You didn't need to do that.


I saw a flock of sheep.

That's not what she's going to talk about.

Stanly and Ravindran need each other.

Tareq didn't know how to do it.

I like watching hockey.


An Earth-like planet, which is believed to have conditions which would support life as we know it, has been discovered 500 light years from earth.

Bradley seemed to know what he was doing.

Brian went to school with Kate.

Adrian was the one who took out the garbage this morning.

The shop, the advertisement, traffic, all that commerce which constitutes the body of our world, was gone.

We set out for home.

Excuse me, may I open the window?

His father wanted him to be a doctor.

Part's aware of what's happening.

Why did you leave your job on the farm?

Russell has a habit of losing his temper.


You are more beautiful than any woman I've ever known.


His only wish was to see his son one last time.

The Greeks used to hold a big athletic meet.

I also want to know!

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That's a hair-raising thought.

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I've gotten wary of the gleam in your eye that shows when you've developed a new obsession.

He hardly works.

I said it wasn't your fault.


What does this kanji mean?

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I think Julius is hiding something from us.

Where did it all start?

The train ran at the rate of 500 miles an hour.

Blair almost always wears dark clothes.

In order to fix something, you have to know what's wrong with it.

When I heard the news on the radio, a chill ran down my spine.

This effect was noticed by the creators of the full-screen editors, such as PyRoom, FocusWriter and DarkRoom.

Lin and Jeff haven't yet told anyone they plan to get married.

How much did you tell her?

He's the real racist.

It is too difficult to choose.

Please see if there are some mistakes in this sentence.

Bart grew up speaking both French and English.

Bart gave me an apple.

People need to enjoy themselves.

Pilar laid the racket on the ground.

I'm going to bring Murray back here.


Brenda has news about Sjouke.


I didn't even see Tandy go.

The plane was late because of bad weather.

Modern art has no interest for me.

He was so clever that he could solve the problem.

We need to pick Narendra up at the station.

Our teacher is going to the USA next month.

Sharada needs the money right away.


Jane is to be married next month.

You sure do eat a lot of meat.

She was looking at us up and down.


And when they are not talking on the phone, they are constantly surfing the internet.

He remained poor despite being a hard worker.

The pain in my heart just gets worse.

I'm not afraid of political correctness.

It is amazing that you won the prize.

There's a bank in front of the hotel.

Don't give me a hard time, Antonella.

It was a calculated risk.

Do we need to wait for him?


This is for Scotland, not for Sparta.

I've already paid the bill.

Bill won the match, not so much by good luck as by real ability.

Apart from Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

I would drink some jasmine green tea.


Can you tell me what possessed you to do that?

I didn't keep him waiting.

The witness perjured herself on the stand.

For 32 years, I've been living in suffering!

It is a weird Mexican novel.

Dan is my new friend.

I was overtaken by greed.

Rodger and I looked at each other in amazement.

Has Europe lost its soul?

Digital music is becoming more and more popular.

I remember this map.

Will you carry it out for me?

Do I need to explain it to you again?

Eat the bread!

Why is he hiding under the table?

I think I know a way out of here.

She was surprised that he showed up.

I need to ask you about them.

I thought you wouldn't tell the teacher that I hadn't done my homework.

Gee whiz!

Liza is very friendly and outgoing.

Since my room faces south, it isn't so cold even in the winter.

The autocrat strove in vain to deal with the situation.


Have you ever washed your car?

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Mats bent down to pick up something off the floor.

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Marguerite is a good juggler.

There's nothing more delicious than a seafood casserole.

Father is away now.

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She fell in love with her friend's brother.

We need to do something to take our minds off our problems.

Laurel knows many women.

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We'll deal with that when the time comes.